Energy for when you need it most

For the lynchpin of resilient energy supply, not just any battery will do. Build a storage system you can depend on to deliver when it counts.

1.5 GWh
25 GWh
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The clear path is the only path

Less waste, more resilience

Store excess energy when you have it so you can use it when you really need it, whether that’s at night or during peak demand times.

Standalone or solar + storage

Regardless of where your energy comes from, batteries are a smart investment that make your energy system more robust.

Not all batteries are created equal

It takes superior materials and craftsmanship to build a battery facility that performs well for 20 years. That’s why we don’t compromise on quality.

Everything has gone exactly according to plan, just the way Strata proposed it.

Larry Lawrence, Landowner

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clean energy journey

We own and optimize the entire value chain so every project can be a smooth, profitable ride.

Case Studies

Proven Expertise

Case Study 0

Adams County, Washington

First solar farm in Washington State
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Case Study 1

Ventura energy storage, Oxnard, CA

Landmark storage project with groundswell of community support
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