High quality construction = lower cost of energy

Our in-house EPC delivers top quality in design, materials, and craftsmanship, which minimizes your long-run energy costs.

Safety isn’t just first. It’s always.

Our injury rate is 9x lower than the industry average because we go the extra mile to keep our people safe, with preventive measures like our Flex & Stretch and Heat Intervention programs, plus on-site medic support.

Intense quality control

Defective materials and installation mistakes are performance-killers, which is why we nip them in the bud with QA/QC protocols that go way beyond the call of duty. Some would call it overkill—we call it good business.

Smooth transitions & reliable timelines

Transitions are where the worst delays happen…but not with us. We manage the full life cycle of the project and have in-house I&C engineers, so handoffs that others take 6+ months to complete, we do in just 2.

0.0 TRIR

Industry average TRIR is 2.36

Every single component is QA/QC’d as compared to how others do spot checking only
Value of all projects we built

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clean energy journey

We own and optimize the entire value chain so every project can be a smooth, profitable ride.

“Attention to detail” doesn’t even begin to cover it

We’re friends with our factories

Our procurement team visits all our factories, so they know us personally. When things break, we can count on them to take care of us.

We select for lifetime value

We use the components that perform best over the long run, not the cheap ones that break and require expensive maintenance.

We keep our job sites clean

If the details are right, the big stuff is right. That’s why we have strict house-keeping standards on all our job sites.

We’re picky about our panels

We won’t accept any panels except the ones inspected in the factory, and we inspect them again when they arrive on site.

Hablamos español

Our job sites are 100% bilingual, so language barriers never lead to mistakes. It’s one more reason for our unmatched quality and safety.

QC becomes QA

This ensures smooth handoff to PA and ROC so they can hit the ground with well-defined testing procedures and past results.

Case Studies

Proven Expertise

Case Study 0

Adams County, Washington

First solar farm in Washington State
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Case Study 1

Ventura energy storage, Oxnard, CA

Landmark storage project with groundswell of community support
View case study

Everything has gone exactly according to plan, just the way Strata proposed it.

Larry Lawrence, Landowner

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