Ventura Energy Storage

Oxnard, CA

Eliminating the need for a gas-fired peaker plant

Optimized with Strata’s vertically integrated value chain

100 MWh
6.5 acres
Small footprint
280 MT
Prevented carbon emissions

Strata Clean Energy developed the Ventura Energy Storage project in 2020/2021. The project was developed in response to community opposition to a natural-gas-fired peaker plant that had been deemed necessary to accommodate growing energy needs in Ventura County.

Nearby residents asserted that a gas-powered plant would create additional pollution in an area that already had two power plants and a Superfund site all situated on the coast that they were determined to preserve.

Community activists worked with city officials to pass legislation banning new power plants on the coast and demanded the state look for cleaner alternatives.

The utility company offered the battery storage system as a solution that would eliminate the potential for pollution, use less space, and provide clean tech jobs and tax revenue for the region.

The Ventura Storage system sits on just 6.5 acres, is quiet, and produces no greenhouse gas emissions.


The Ventura BESS system provides clean energy and prevents over 280 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions from entering the environment when operating at full output.

That’s equivalent to:

313 tons
of coal burned
712k miles
driven by a passenger vehicle
+31k gallons
of gas consumed

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