Doing our part in more ways than one

We bring more than just clean energy to the communities we touch. Through our outreach programs, we shine light on those who need it most.

How We Give Back

Philanthropy is as important to our corporate culture and reputation as the quality of the work we perform. Giving back where we live and work is a business imperative.


Strata supports education at all levels to create and nurture an empowered workforce. Additionally, teaching kids about climate change and careers in clean energy will help our planet for generations to come!


Nothing gets done by one person alone, which means we have to band together to make the changes we want to see in the world. We work with our community to determine where help is needed most.


Giving financially to important community causes in a part of our ethos. Our corporate matching helps donated dollars to non-profits go further and have a greater impact to those in need.

Community Contributors

See the difference Strata makes

Case Study 0

Halifax, NC

Training a Clean Energy Workforce

From July 11th-15th, 2022 our team went out to Halifax Community College and offered 40 hours of on-the-job training to 30 young adults as part of our commitment to the North Carolina Clean Energy Apprenticeship Program. The NC Clean Energy Pre-Apprenticeship program is made for rising high school juniors and seniors. Some of the many things that students in the program receive are safety training, tools and equipment training, electricity education, site visits and interview and resume writing skills.
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Case Study 1

Pandemic Donations, Durham, NC

Providing Aid to Communities in Need

We all struggled so much during the pandemic, especially during the beginning months when PPE was so hard to come by. Strata donated PPE and supplies the many organizations in need such as the Durham County Cooperative Extension Office, Habitat for Humanity and several local schools.
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Case Study 2

Durham Museum of Life & Science, Durham, NC

Supporting the Museum of Life & Science

The Museum of Life & Science is an awesome local resource for kids of all ages! They have 84 acres of open-ended science and nature experiences designed to spark imagination, creativity, and new ways of thinking about our world. We love helping kids explore and learn!
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Case Study 3

Scout Education Tours, Chapel Hill, NC

The Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts check out Solar

We invited the Scouts to tour our office and facilities so they could see solar up close and personal.
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Case Study 4

4-H Education Event, Verona, VA

Teaching the next generation

We visited the children of the Augusta 4-H chapter to teach them about clean energy and what Strata does to combat climate change.
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Case Study 5

Durham Rescue Mission - Durham, NC

Neighbors helping neighbors

We held a warm clothes drive where we collected over 200 lbs of warm clothes for our neighbors in need!
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Case Study 6

Habitat for Humanity - Orange County, NC

Habitat + Solar

Over the last several years Strata has donated hundreds of solar panels to Habitat for Humanity which will allow the residents to not only save money but help combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuels.
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Case Study 7

Earth Day Litter Sweep - Durham, NC

Cleaning up our planet

Strata staff members teamed up with the NC Department of Transportation for their annual Litter Sweep!
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Case Study 8

Sleep in Heavenly Peace - Durham, NC

Building beds for kids in need

In 2021, members of our corporate office staff spent a day with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a North Carolina nonprofit that gives beds to children who need them.
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