Habitat + Solar

Orange County, NC

Habitat for Humanity of Orange Co NC leads the way in adding rooftop solar to their new homes thanks to donations of solar panels from Strata Clean Energy. Over the last 2 years Strata has donated 260 solar panels to Habitat for Humanity of Orange Co NC which will allow 15 families to benefit from rooftop solar. Each family will save at least $55 on their monthly electric bill . Over the 30 year lifetime of the solar panels each family is likely to save >$23,000. Low income homeowners benefit the most proportionately from the addition of rooftop solar but only rarely can they afford solar . SCE is partnering with HFH,OC NC to help overcome this inequality. The addition of a 5.4 KW system to one Habitat home will save approximately 270,000 lbs of carbon and is equivalent to planting more than 3,000 trees or not driving nearly 300,000 miles over the next 30 years.